Can We Talk?

How to Master Difficult Discussions With Peers or Managers©

Can We Talk?
How to Master Difficult Discussions with Peers or Managers

Program Summary

Clear and timely communication is important in any relationship; but important discussions are often avoided when the subject is sensitive or when one feels the information will not be welcomed by the other party. While every situation may not require a private discussion, issues or concerns that impact your ability to perform effectively with peers or your manager should be addressed. Often, the other party is not even aware that there is an issue and concern. Proactive discussions allow both parties to understand the issues and concerns and provide an opportunity to share views and work together to attempt resolution. This lively, insightful learning experience will provide you with important information, tools and techniques that will enable you to successfully engage in productive, difficult discussions with a peer or manager. As a bonus you can use these skills in your personal live as well! If you know there are discussions you need to have to improve relationships, resolve a conflict or maintain positive relationships; you will want to take advantage of this important learning opportunity. Contact us now for more details!

Can We Talk: How to Master Difficult Discussions With Peers or Managers
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