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Why are top-tier leaders continuously recognized and selected for high impact roles and projects? The answer is simple: they possess and actively demonstrate highly effective leadership swag™! Just what is leadership swag? Leadership Swag is a leadership approach designed to develop engaged, productive, and collaborative teams that consistently get results and achieve established goals! The ONCourse Leadership Swag Series is a collection of blended learning programs designed for leaders and aspiring leaders, who are ready to move to the next level of leadership with the confidence and skills to successfully lead multi-generational, cross cultural teams.

Give yourself and your company a competitive advantage with an investment in this powerful learning series! Contact us for more details and for scheduling information.

OnCourse Global Learning Solutions: Maintaining Change Momentum Program

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Learning the Language of Leadership Swag© NEW

Program Summary
Your unique learning journey begins with the basics
- understanding and utilizing the leadership swag approach to leadership. In this blended learning program, you will learn your own leadership swag profile©, understand how to lead with emotional intelligence as an instinctual priority, and discover how to communicate your message in an effective, clear and direct manner to build trust, ensure accountability, and promote positive engagement.

The PERLE Approach | Mastering Difficult Performance Discussions - ONCourse Global
The PERLE APPROACH to Mastering Difficult Performance Discussions©

Program Summary
Successful teams, recognized by their track record of high productivity and consistent results, do not happen by accident. Leaders play a crucial role in the development of successful teams. When a team member’s performance is off course and falls below established standards, leaders must take immediate action to return performance to acceptable standards.

Innovative Leadership: Creating Exceptional, Self-Driven Teams©

Program Summary
Exceptional teams require top-tier leadership to create and maintain engagement and high performance. Innovative leadership must possess and execute well developed leadership swag to produce self-driven, highly creative, proactive teams.

Managing the Shifting Tides of Change©

Program Summary
Mastering change on both the personal and team level is a critical leadership competency in today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive marketplace. Just ask any leader struggling with the shifting tides of change about the crippling impact unmanaged change can have on important department goals and company strategy.

Maintaining Change Momentum - ONCourse Global
Maintaining Change Momentum: The Swag Leader's Playbook©

Program Summary
Change occurs continuously in every successful organization. While the pace of change may differ between companies; the success of planned change initiatives requires careful planning, execution and focus on the right priorities. Often though, leaders place most of their efforts and focus on planning and implementation of the technical side of change and minimal time on the people who must execute the change - “the human side of change”.

TeamBuilding Series : Designing & Sustaining High Impact Teams - ONCourse Global
ONCourse Teams@Work™ TeamBuilding Series Designing & Sustaining High Impact Teams

Program Summary
The war on talent continues around the globe as companies battle to attract and retain highly skilled talents to fill critical team roles. Leaders who win the war on talent in today’s competitive markets must understand what is required to attract, select, and retain the best talent well ahead of the required talent decision.

Embracing the Power of Team Conflict
Embracing the Power of Team Conflict©

Program Summary
Teams are formed with a diverse group of people who are expected to work together for a defined purpose to achieve a defined goal. Every team member is focused and maintains productive relationships with each other to achieve established goals. Sounds good in theory, right? In the real world, where different views, approaches and personalities clash, conflicts are inevitable.

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