Competency Management

Competency Management

Are you getting the results you expect from your performance management program, based on the substantial investment of valuable time? Are key competencies that drive performance and productivity clearly defined for each position, or critical role, in your organization?

If your performance management program is underperforming and failing to produce results, then it is time for action. We can help you and your designated team design a competency management program that includes simple, clearly defined performance measures for all roles or critical roles in your organization.

Customized competency models that include clearly defined performance criteria and success measures are important elements in any effective performance management program. Organizations that include validated competency models for each position, or critical position, experience dramatic improvements in overall performance. According to a Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) survey of 500 C-suite executives, 93% of the group viewed competency models as important to the success of their business units.

Clearly defined and validated competencies establish acceptable performance measures that define what it takes to be successful in a role. This level of process transparency promotes continuous development, employee engagement and retention. We will work with your designated team to develop, validate, and implement competency models that are simple to use, understand, and transition into your organization. Invest in a customized competency management program for your business today!

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