Lessons of Life From the Ocean

We can learn a lot about life from the ocean.
The consistent ebb and flow of the tides
Are not hindered by unforeseen obstacles in its path,
But calmly tackles every barrier and rises to the challenge.

The foam-tipped waves crashing against the rocks,
Are a reminder that the bold always prevails and makes a splash.

The crystal blue water sparkling in the afternoon sunshine,
Reflect the calming peace that comes from authenticity.

Although storms may come and temporarily disrupt harmony,
In time they pass, restoring the ocean’s natural rhythm.

Beneath its depths, the ocean supports and sustains life,
A reminder of the importance of helping one another.

The ocean has intrinsic connections to the world and us,
And ultimately, we are connected to one another.

So, let us embrace the ocean’s inspiring lessons of life,
And work together to replace hate and war with love and peace.

With a renewed sense of purpose, let us joyfully embrace each day.
Let us commit now to make meaningful connections with others,
As we evolve, grow, and RISE to the call of destiny!

~Jackie Curvan

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