Jackie Curvan

Jackie Curvan

No Expiration Date

Success does not have an expiration date.So, do not place limits on your ability to succeed.Success is ageless and timeless.And as vast as your faith and imagination allow.Remove negative influences and images from your lifeThat seek to hinder and hold you back.They may hide in plain sight,Posing as friends, colleagues, and loved ones.But let nothing […]

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Deferred Dreams

Waiting is challenging, especially when you are eager to move forward. So often, out of frustration, some people take the leap before their time and fall on the doorsteps of failure. Patience, hope, and hard work are excellent ingredients for success; use them often. Although a deferred dream may appear dead, it simply waits for the right season. So hang in there, do the work, and get ready to soar!

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The Promise of Today

Believe in yourself and the promise of each new day.Life is a priceless gift from God, designed for a unique purpose!Just as a flower turns to catch the morning sun,We must be equally deliberate, equally boldIn finding our purpose.Change is just an opportunity to learn, reflect,And adjust your course. ~Jackie Curvan

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