Maintaining Your Balance: Staying Afloat During the Pandemic

“Help! I’m feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, overcommitted, and extremely frustrated by the changes in my life since COVID-19!” 

If the statement above could well have come from your lips because you are finding it challenging to maintain your balance during this pandemic, you are not alone! COVID-19 crashed into our lives like a global tsunami, rearranging our regular routines to create a ‘new normal.’  The things we took for granted, such as enjoying a night out at the movies, sports games, going to a concert or the theatre, and traveling to favorite destinations abroad, are no longer an option. This disruption in our lives came without our permission and has thrown us off balance and forced us to change regular routines to create a ‘new normal.’ COVID-19 rages on, and, unfortunately, it will take some time to find a cure. This article will share some practical, easy-to-follow strategies to maintain your balance and stay afloat during this pandemic.

With any unwelcome, uninvited change, the natural urge is to resist or fight to restore a sense of normalcy and order. As family and personal life become indelibly intertwined with many remote employees’ work-life, high levels of stress and conflict can result, if unmanaged.

In these uncertain, continuously changing times we face right now, it is natural to feel stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, and afraid. To regain your focus and balance, reach out and connect with friends, loved ones, your local church family, a counselor, or a trained, professional career or life coach by phone or online meeting. In a Psychology Today article, Coping with Coronavirus Stress, Dr. Shainna Ali, points to the importance of boosting coping skills to improve overall well-being. Dr. Ali recommends four strategies to maintain mental wellness during the COVID-19 pandemic as follows:

  1. Acknowledge your stress
  2. Manage what you can, release what you cannot
  3. Know your limits
  4. Practice self-care

Take time out for self-care and make wellness, both mental and physical, a priority. If you feel stressed, overwhelmed, frustrated, or find it challenging to adapt to the ‘new normal’ workplace culture, do not remain silent. Speak with your manager, supervisor, or Human Resources for support and assistance with your concern. If you prefer a confidential, external coaching resource to address a burning question or provide life or career coaching support, our professionals are an additional trusted resource.  

Learn to maintain your balance as you adjust to the new changes in your work, family, and personal life. Get the support you need to stay afloat during this unprecedented time of change. Let us help keep your career and life goals on a course for success. Take action today.

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