Reflection: The Power of Personal Inventory

Happy New Year’s Eve, and Welcome to a whole new year of possibilities!

As we prepare to welcome in 2022 and wave goodbye to 2021, take a purposeful “time out” to reflect on your personal growth during the year. With the chaos of the times and pace of our busy lives, taking time to reflect is not a priority for most people. Yet, studies show that reflection is a highly productive and rewarding activity. When we pause to reflect on our actions, behaviors, and observations, a light is cast in the darkness enabling us to grow, evolve, and find meaning; the road to personal growth.

A year-end personal inventory is a perfect way to reflect and celebrate areas of personal growth and to highlight areas that require additional focus. While a year-end personal inventory is similar to an annual performance review, the key difference is its focus on personal awareness and growth. When used to develop specific actions, information from the personal year-end inventory tool helps promote personal development and support individual success. This robust, personal development activity is private and well worth your investment of time and will enable an exciting start to the new year.

Reflection Activity Success Tips
Before beginning this activity, take the following steps:

  1. Choose a time and location where you can eliminate distractions, including calls and texts. Keep in mind the payback of this quality time of reflection.
  2. Find a tranquil, quiet place where you can maintain focus on “you .”
  3. Reserve at least an hour for this self-focused activity or schedule two 30-minute sessions.

While it is possible to complete the activity alone, you may find it helpful and more productive to enlist the support of a confidential resource (a professional coach, mentor, or trusted, objective friend). The role of your resource is to help you maintain objectivity and focus as you think through your actions, experiences, and observations. Your resource should also work with you to establish appropriate goals for continued personal development.

The Reflection Process
To begin the activity, reflect on key areas of personal success and challenges during the year. Next, think through the issues and situations posing questions to prompt deep thought and reflection. Use The Year-End Personal Inventory Tool© from OnCourse Global to support this process and facilitate the activity. As mentioned previously, you can complete this activity alone or with the support of a confidential resource.

The Year-End Personal Inventory Tool© is a customized ONCourse Global questionnaire that helps support the reflection process by allowing coaching participants to gain the clarity they need to understand the root causes of surfaced issues. Then, you will develop specific development goals to help support future growth and personal career success. (For a free copy of this powerful, effective, and easy-to-use tool, contact us at OnCourse Global by clicking on the”Contact” tab on the website.)

Whether you use The Year-End Personal Inventory Tool© or your preferred approach, commit to adding reflection time to your development toolkit. This powerful activity is a wise personal investment in your personal growth and helps support your success. If you have already completed your list of goals for the new year, consider reviewing the list again with a fresh, objective eye on personal areas of growth and development and revise your plans where necessary.

Remember, make reflection time a regular activity in 2022 and kick off the new year with an investment in you. We are ready to support your success; contact us now!

For your free copy of The Year-End Personal Inventory Tool© or for information about our professional coaching services to support your goals and help you achieve success, click on the “Contact” tab on the website.

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