Jackie Curvan

Jackie Curvan

Talking Truth to Fear

The world is full of people who often say they will take actionThose who Talk a good game but rarely follow-throughBut this need not be YouHave the faith to step away from the familiar and say NO to fearsChallenge yourself…and see the Bright Lightsof Success shine throughThere is untapped, God-given POWER in youThe POWER to …

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Fertile Dreams

Plant your dreams In the fertile ground Of small beginnings. Nurture them with persistence And watch as they grow to success. The tallest tree in the forest Started with a seed. ~Jackie Curvan

The Time is Right Now

Do your fears have you sitting on the ledge of indecision? Fear paralyzes progress and is the destroyer of dreams.If you are waiting for the right time, the time is right now.Stand up and take charge of your destiny.Unleash your ‘inner tiger’ and let your amazing journey begin!    ~Jackie Curvan

“BE” a Believer

BE strong enough to endure setbacks, BE fearless enough to take on any challenge, BE courageous enough to fall forward and get up, BE faithful enough to hold fast to your dreams.      Inside you is the Power to be Great… BELIEVE!                             ~ Jackie Curvan   

It’s All About You: The Importance of Self Reflection

Are you on track to achieve your personal development goals? Often, we assess and establish job development and career goals; but fail to include goals that support continued personal growth. I realize it can be a bit daunting to look in the mirror of self-reflection, but you will find that incorporating this meaningful self-assessment action …

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Heart of a Champion

Quitting is easy;You just pack up your dreamsAnd leave the field.Staying the fight,Even when it’s hard,Even when it hurts,Even when fans have long abandoned you;This, my friends, is the true, inspiring,‘Never say die”, Heart of a Champion! – Jackie Curvan

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