Change Management Series

Managing the Shifting Tides of Change: A Leader’s Guide to Successful Change Management

Managing the Shifting Tides of Change​

Program Summary

Mastering change on both the personal and team level is a critical leadership competency in today’s rapidly changing, highly competitive marketplace. Just ask any leader struggling with the shifting tides of change about the crippling impact unmanaged change can have on important department goals and company strategy. Leaders with strong leadership swag© understand that the time they spend to proactively prepare themselves and their teams to adapt to change is well worth the investment and yields successful results. In this lively, informative and interactive learning experience, leaders will learn the critical steps and actions to take to prepare for change and key actions to support teams through the change and transition process to minimize costly business disruptions (LEARN Change Leadership Principle©). If you are a leader or aspiring leader, who is faced, or will be faced, with successfully leading teams through change and transition, you will want to attend this energic, engaging and lively learning opportunity.

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