ONCourse Leadership Swag Series™

Learning the Language of Leadership Swag© NEW

Program Summary

Your unique learning journey begins with the basics – understanding and utilizing the leadership swag approach to leadership. In this blended learning program, you will learn your own leadership swag profile©, understand how to lead with emotional intelligence as an instinctual priority, and discover how to communicate your message in an effective, clear and direct manner to build trust, ensure accountability, and promote positive engagement. This dynamic, interactive, blended learning experience includes self-paced introductory learning and leader-led facilitated ‘live’ sessions. The program also includes hands-on practice activities and post-work activities to reinforce skills and behavior after the ‘live’ program. To support continued success, an on-line follow up session with the program facilitator is conducted to determine the success of the learning investment and provide additional guidance to learning participants as needed. This blended program includes both on-site learning and e-learning format and can also be customized for online learning only. Contact us for more information, including program dates and times.

earning the Language of Leadership Swag - ONCourse Global Program
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