Maintaining Change Momentum:

The Swag Leader’s Playbook©

Maintaining Change Momentum: The Swag Leader's Playbook©

Program Summary

Change occurs continuously in every successful organization. While the pace of change may differ between companies; the success of planned change initiatives requires careful planning, execution and focus on the right priorities. Often though, leaders place most of their efforts and focus on planning and implementation of the technical side of change and minimal time on the people who must execute the change – “the human side of change”. While it is important to ensure that technical and operational elements of a planned change are fully understood and managed; the success of any change effort rests largely on team execution. For this reason, it is important to ensure balanced focus on the human side of change with the team that must execute the change to enable a successful outcome. This engaging, lively and impactful learning program will utilize top change models and creative, easy-to-use change management processes to prepare and equip leaders to successfully plan, lead and guide teams through organizational change.

OnCourse Global Learning Solutions: Maintaining Change Momentum Program
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